ℹ️Ranks & commands

Here you will find a list of commands and the benefits added with each rank

To check your progress towards the next rank type /rankinfo To rank up type /rankup

- McMMO – access to basic commands, default rewards/cooldowns – see the separate McMMO wiki post for a detailed command list
- DirkpRTP – ability to use /rtp in overworld and resource worlds
- Warps – ability to use teleports through /warps /teleport and the /menu teleports category
- Jobs – access to jobs in order to earn in-game money and reward points use /jobs join or /menu to start 
- SilkSpawners – ability to mine spawners with silk touch and place spawners to create grinders / farms
- Ranks – access to /rankinfo and /rankup – view rank requirements and work towards your next upgrade
- Homes – ability to add and remove home teleport locations, default is 3 sethomes but increases with ranks – use /sethome <name> to set your first home and then use /homes to view all available locations or /removehome <name> to delete
- ResidenceProtection – access to the residence plugin for grief prevention, see the separate residence wiki post for a more in depth guide
- 4 residences, allowed size 256 x 256 
- PlayerTeleport – access to /tpa <player> , /tpahere <player> and /tpaaccept
- ShiftEdit – hold shift and right click to edit a sign (where you have build permission)
- Economy – access to /bal /baltop and /pay <player> <amount>
- Command /spawn – return to spawn at any time
- Command /shop – access our server store
- Command /menu – access the dirkocraft player menu
- Command /stats – access to view players personal server stats (time played, last death timer, distance travelled, mob kills and more) mouse-over the results to see in depth details
- Command  /ignore – access to ignore other players in chat, can also use /ignore all
- Command  /seen <playername> - access to other players last seen results
- Command  – access to /inspect and /coi to turn on the log checking ability
- PrefixSuffix – use /menu and look for the prefix/suffix category
- DeathChest - Cost $250 
- DeathChest - XP return 0% 
- DeathChest - Max Chests 2
- DeathChest - Timer 30 mins

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