Player rules

Please follow this rule list as closely as possible
  • Respect everyone, Regardless of status! We try to keep a friendly environment
  • No self-advertising/promotion of any form
  • No spamming or causing annoyance in the chat
  • No attempting to scam or misinform other players of item value etc
  • No Doxxing
  • No inappropriate/offensive builds (Eg Swastikas or confederate flags)
  • No intentionally trapping other players
  • No hacking of any form, no mods intentionally used to exploit or cheese the game
  • No causing lag to purposely attempt to overwhelm the server resources
  • No large farms, Keep automation to a minimum, Keeps builds inside of residence claims, and consult a staff member first if you're unsure if a farm might be a little too much for the server
  • No griefing, Just because something might not be claimed, This doesn't mean it's yours to take! This also goes for purposely destroying main world terrain for zero gain
  • No AFK grinding, AutoClickers, AFK avoiding or AFK fish farming permitted
  • No Mini modding, Let staff do their jobs
  • Don't claim land directly next to somebody you are not associated with, This can be annoying and hinder the future expansion of their residences
  • No attempting the cheese the system/game/plugins to gain advantage over other players
NOTE: These rules are subject to change at any time. We expect players to use common sense when it comes to keeping good server etiquette, Please ask a staff member if you are unsure if something might break a rule.
Last modified 1mo ago