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Server Limitations

In order to maintain a smooth running server both performance and economy wise we have placed in several limits in place which you may or may not be used to depending on your experience with SMPS that wish to scale up to a higher player count.​

Mob Counts/Limits

Entity tracking and general entity lag is one of the most performance impacting system on any Minecraft server, In order to combat this the majority of entities are limited to 10-20 per chunk, This includes items such as boats and item frames, Which are also classed as entities.

But what happens if I'm at the limit and another entity spawns in that chunk?

If this happens, our system will choose a random entity to despawn so be careful to limit your villagers per chunk and keep breeding outside the chunk.​

Oh so I can have 20 sheep, 20 cows, 20 pigs, 20 rabbits, 20 horses, all in one chunk?

Well yes, and no... We have grouped certain mob types together, the group limit is set to 70 mobs. So there cannot be any more than 70 mobs inside of 1 chunk.​ It's best to spread out to multiple chunks if you're looking to farm.

Mob Spawning Limitations / Mob Limitations

As with all SMP servers that have an economy aspect we do expect to see farms, and we understand that you will want to make them. We have configured the server to prioritise a smooth gameplay experience for a medium player count which results in significant limits to how mob farms would function versus vanilla Minecraft. We understand this can sometimes be frustrating and this is why we have provided many alternative methods to making money and obtaining items which can be found across the wiki. Afterall, do you really need 50 stacks of iron per day? Whilst trying to bypass the auto afk kick? Or is your time better spent progressing on the server through the many faster and more engaging methods we have provided.

What are the specific mob drop limitations?

  • Iron Golems will not drop iron

  • Piglins will not drop gold nuggets

Redstone Limitations & Guidence

Similar to above, Redstone can also be a demanding resource and we have systems in place to detect lag inducing areas of the server even when players are offline.​

What are the specific redstone guidelines?

  • Build as small as you possibly need... avoid overengineering your contraptions

  • Ensure redstone contraption's have an on and off switch and they're switched off when unused, if you need help crating such a switch please reach out to a staff member for guidance

  • Cheesing the AFK system to gain an advantage is against the server rules

  • Every contraption must have a purpose, building something simply to cause lag is punishable

  • Where possible, keep contraptions inside protected residences, this allows us to better identify who own's it should we need to discuss it's use

  • IF UNSURE ASK Open a ticket or PM a mod/admin to discuss your farm idea!

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